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Work Dreams Redux

I had another one of those "work" dreams the other night.  If you recall, I had one over the summer, and blogged about it HERE.  As weird as that one was, this one was weirder.

In this dream, I was back at my old station in Harrisburg.  It didn't really look like my old station in Harrisburg, but that's where I must have been because my former boss was there and so was the chief engineer.  The dream also included a couple of people from my high school class.  I have no idea what they were doing there.

Anyway, my former boss was at his desk, working away.  When I worked with him (in real life), he had brown 80's rock star hair.  In my dream, he still had the rock star hair except it was all white.

Also in my dream, all of the computers were missing.  We had no way to put together a newscast because the computers were gone and there didn't seem to be any typewriters around.  Not that anyone had time to look for them because my high school classmates were there and they needed to be shown around the station or something.

I also seem to recall that, in my dream, there was some sort of problem with my shoes.  Namely, that they didn't match.  I would find one shoe, then look for the other one, but all I could find was one shoe from another pair, and one shoe from a third pair.  So, I think I had three unmatched shoes.

I have no idea what this dream meant.  But, when you consider the inevitability of a meltdown at work, the embarrassment of having unmatched shoes, and the appearance of friends from 25 years ago, it's probably a good thing I woke up when I did.   

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