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Vacation's Over

I think I'm ready to go back to work.  In the past four weeks, I've had two weeks off.  That's more than enough, especially when you consider that I didn't go anywhere.  My big trips were down to Lehighton on Tuesday to see a field hockey game and out to the Lycoming Mall on Friday for the station's "Adopt a Shelter" event.  Other than that, I really didn't do much this past week. 
A word about Adopt a Shelter.  Some of the evacuees from Katrina have ended up at a shelter in Memphis, where WNEP just happens to have a sister TV station.  So, on Friday and Saturday, we collected supplies (sheets, blankets, towels, personal care products), loaded them on to trucks, and sent them down there.  We asked for new stuff, but some people insisted on bringing used stuff or items that weren't on the list.  One woman even tried to donate prescription medication!  We took the used items and passed them on to Goodwill, but we had to draw the line at the medicine.

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Nap Time

I managed to survive my stint on the weekend morning show.  The hardest part was trying to stay awake.  Even though I had Friday off, I didn't get much sleep before I had to go in to work that night.  Then, when I got home on Saturday morning, I again couldn't get much sleep.  I figure I had maybe six or seven hours for the whole weekend.  I finally had some decent rest Sunday night, and I may take another nap shortly.  Let's hope I don't have to work that shift again for a LONG time!
Had a little bit of excitement in the neighborhood last night.  Fire trucks and an ambulance showed up around 10:15.  I went out to see what was up, and met some of the neighbors.  The problem seemed to be at the house on the corner.  The neighbors said it was a group home for people with emotional problems.  I never knew that.  Anyway, the problem didn't seem to be that big (no smoke or flames that I could see).  I finally asked one of the fire guys what the call was for, and he said a smell of smoke.  After that, I lost interest, and the crews left about 20-minutes later.
One more note, after two-weeks on the diet, I've lost about three pounds.

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Step Away from the Sauce

I'm not talking booze here.  I'm talking about pasta sauce.  It's red and, lately, it seems to be splattered over several articles of clothing.  There's also the apple juice that dribbled onto a t-shirt and coffee that dripped onto a pair of trousers.  And, that's just within the past few days.  Somebody get me a bib! 

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One for One

After one week on my diet, I have lost one pound.  Not as good as I had hoped, but better than gaining a pound, I guess.  I also haven't been back to the gym.  I'm waiting on that until after next weekend.  I figure I'll need to be well-rested to get through my time on the weekend morning show.  Yuk!  But, I do have the next seven days off, so at least I have that to look forward to.
Last weekend was fun.  On Saturday, I drove down to the Harrisburg area in the morning to meet my old racquetball friends.  Only one of them knew I was coming, so the others were quite surprised when I showed up at the gym.  We played for about 2 hours, then went to Madge's house for a picnic.  It was good to catch up with everyone again.
After that, I met one of my friends from WHP for coffee.  We talked a lot about the station and about the former ND/current chief photog.  He has an inoperable brain tumor.  Found out maybe a month ago, and is just starting therapy.  It's unbelievable.  He's only about four years older than I am.  Doesn't smoke.  It's just awful.  He's having radiation, but I don't know if that will help. It may be too late.  He's planning to go ahead with Rocktoberfest next month.  I will try to make it down there.
In the news this week, Hurricane Katrina and the death of Chief Justice William Rehnquist - and Bush still "in charge."  Where is Bill Clinton when we need him!

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