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Can I Sleep in 2006?

If I were absolutely sure there is a god, I would thank him/her/it that this week is over!  Not only did I work 6 straight days (including Christmas - for a total of 11 of the last 12), but they were LONG days.  We had a lot of people off and a lot of problems with live shots, especially for the 7pm newscast. 

The first few days of the new year also promise to be long.  ABC is showing bowl games Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday.  Monday won't be too bad, but Tuesday and Wednesday, we probably won't go on until about midnight.  At least I'll be off Thursday, Friday and the weekend.  Of course, I already have intentions of using those days to start work on my tech writing project.  In case you missed the entries in the blog on the other website, the job is 300-500 flash cards about becoming a Certified Health Education Specialist.  Sounds fun.

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It's All Relative

No one can ever accuse my family of being "close".  The last time I can remember seeing everyone is about five-years ago, when my sister got married.  We all showed up in Knoxville for the wedding.  At least, I think all three of my cousins were there with their families.  Maybe there was one who couldn't make it because her husband's in the Coast Guard.  I don't quite remember.

Anyway, I bring it up because someone named "Aunt Claudia" died.  My mother mentioned it in a phone call this morning, right after she said I should come home for dinner on new year's eve.  She must have died a few days ago because Dad is at the funeral today.  

I'd heard of Aunt Claudia.  Over the years, her name came up in conversations and we received annual Christmas cards.  If I recall, she had that kind of spidery handwriting that seems so common among old folks.  I may have even met her once a looooong time ago.  I think she was a sister of my grandfather (my dad's dad), but I wouldn't swear to that.

Aunt Claudia, I wish I could say I knew ye well.  But, alas, no.

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A New Beginning

Welcome to my new blog.  Here you will find fascinating thoughts such as : How much will my risk of death increase if I tear the warning tag off of my hairdryer, which happens to sit perilously close to the sink?  I mean, the tag is almost completely torn off anyway, but technically, it's still on.  So, if I rip it off, am I doomed to stick the hairdryer, while in use, in a sink full of water?  Hmmm.  Decison, decisons. 

See what I mean?  If you want to read my previous blog, use the link at the left.

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What was I Thinking? (Part II)

Will somebody please get me some help?  It's pretty clear that I'm just not all there (or here, or where ever I should be by now.)
I mean, I worked yesterday (Christmas).  And, not only did I work on a holiday, I volunteered to do it!  It seemed like a good idea at the time.  My sister isn't coming home until tomorrow, so I said to the woman who does the scheduling that I'd be willing to work Christmas in exchange for a day off sometime this week.  Well, she asked me to work Christmas, but said I can't have a day off this week because other people are already off and because we're sending people to Florida to cover Penn State in the Orange Bowl.  So what did I do?  I said OK!  I'll work!  In exchange, I'll get two-days in early January, and still have a comp day in the bank.  Still, the person that I filled in for better have had the best holiday EVER!
An update on my other "what was I thinking" moment, the tech writing thing.  The guy in Texas still wants me to do the project, but he's agreed to let me work at a pace that will allow me to get some sleep occasionally.  Now, I'm just waiting for my materials to arrive.  Wish me luck.

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What was I Thinking?

No, seriously, what was I thinking?  I seem to recall having a thought about something that I'm sure would have made for a fascinating entry.  But, after a few hours of sleep, I seem to have forgotten it.  All I can remember is that it seemed like a good idea.  Oh, well.  I'm sure it will come to me.  Probably as I'm writing the car crash du jour.
Since I'm here, I might as well tell you about another "what was I thinking" episode.  I got it into my head to earn a few extra bucks, and happened to come across an ad for a part-time technical writer.  Turns out it's for a company in Texas that puts out material to help people study for tests; i.e. flashcards for adults. 
Well, first they wanted to know my personality type by having me take some kind of ultra-condensed version of the MBTI.  It only took 5 minutes to confirm what I found out by completing the full-blown MBTI a few years ago.  ISTJ.  I could have told him that.
Anyway, after my personality was deemed acceptable, I was given a little test:  Make up 5 flashcards (question on one side, info on the other) pertaining to "Water rights as they relate to real estate transactions."  Let's say that I now know more about water rights than I ever dreamed of knowing.
Long story short, it took me about six-hours over three-days to finish that assignment.  I guess it was OK, because yesterday, he asked me to do a real assignment.  This time, the topic is some sort of exam for Certified Health Education Specialists.  And, here's the best part.  He wants about 100 flash cards a week, for a total of 300-500 cards. 
My first reaction was what the hell is a Certified health Education Specialist and why do I care?  My second reaction was when the hell am I going to have time to do all this and still manage to do other things like eat, sleep, and, oh yeah, my REAL job?!?
I've sent the guy an email saying all that (in much more PC language, of course).  So, now I just have to wait to see what he says.  I'm kind of hoping he says let's call the whole thing off.  Stay tuned.

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What have We Learned?

My DSL seems to be working fine since the guy from Verizon came to the house.  It was a week ago yesterday, and I don't think I've lost connectivity since then.  What have we learned?  I should have done that a long time ago.
We're going through a cold spell.  Single digits last night, even colder tonight, and daytime highs in the low 20s.  What have we learned?  Following the frozen/unfrozen/frozen/unfrozen pipes debacle of last winter, we have learned to let the upstairs faucet drip!  So far so good, but this winter hasn't even officially started yet. 

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Hunting at Wal-Mart

OK.  So I don't go to the local Wal-Mart Supercenter very often.  Prior to this past week, I'd only been there once or twice, and that's mainly because the station gave out gift cards instead of springing for a Christmas party.
Anyway, I recently went to Wal-Mart twice, once to go hunting for a gift, and once to spend this year's gift card.  That second trip was slightly better, because it was on a Sunday and I knew the store would be jammed (which it was).  When I got in line to check out, it seemed like maybe there were shorter lines at other registers.  The woman in front of me mentioned that, and I said it didn't matter.  I always seem to get in a line where someone needs a price check or needs to "run back to get something."  So, I stayed where I was.  Sure enough, some woman at the front of the line needed a price check. Grrrr.
Well, the reason I was prepared for Sunday was because of what happened on my visit earlier in the week.  I think it was Tuesday.  I went there around 9 AM, and parked next to a pickup that was obviusly owned by a hunter.  The four deer hooves sticking out of the bed kind of gave it away.  Not exactly what I wanted to see first thing in the morning, but, I figured, at least I would be able to find my car.  Just look for the dead deer.
Anyway, I went there looking for a computer cable and a DVD.  I didn't get either one, but that's not the point.  The point is that while I was in the store, I realized why I hate Wal-Mart.  I hate it because of the people who go there. 
Here's what I mean.  At 9 AM, there weren't that many people in the store.  Yet, somehow, every single one of them managed to get in my way.  They had carts which they left on the wrong side of the aisle while they (the people) stared at the shelves.  When they finally moved on, they continued looking at the shelves while they slowly meandered into the next aisle to see what kind of shiny things might be there.  It's like they're just overwhelmed by all the stuff.  It's simply too much for them to comprehend.  It all sends shivers down my spine.  Seriously.
Compared to Wal-Mart shoppers, the people who shop at Target are geniuses.  At least these people seem to have a plan.  They know what they want and where to get it.  And, they know how to stay out of my way while they're at it.  Target, I'll see you soon.  Wal-Mart?  Just wait til next year.

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Status Update

Christmas shopping: Finished
Christmas gifts: Wrapped
Christmas cards: Ready to send
Roof fan: Replaced
Internet: Fixed
House: Cleaned
Clothes: Washed
Writing: Done
Website: Updated
Snow: Shoveled (for now)
Work: What do I care? I'm off until Monday!

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