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I'm Back!

Sorry.  It's been two-weeks since my last entry.  I've been busy, plus it's been depressing talking about death for weeks on the news.  I needed a break.
Last weekend was the POL Expo.  They had it in an empty department store at the Columbia Mall.  It went well, I think.  There was plenty of room for people to walk around, and there never seemed to be a crush of people waiting to buy stuff.  I worked at the Expo both Saturday and Sunday, so add in the hours I went in for the flood, and I get a comp day.  I'll take it next week.
Yesterday, I went out and raked the yard.  There were a lot of dead leaves left over from the fall.  I think this year, I'll have to do a better job of keeping up.  There's a lot of muddy patches now.  I'm hoping the grass will come back.
Not too much else to report.  It's been kind of slow at work.  There's not even any good gossip going around.  There's always this week! 

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Whew!  What a week it's been.  The week started with rain, minor flooding, and the Terri Schiavo "death watch." By the time the week ended, we were still talking about rain and flooding, plus Terri Schiavo was dead and so was the Pope!  It all caused quite a dilemma: which comes first, the Pope or the weather? (I chose the weather).
As for the flooding, it wasn't too bad in the beginning of the week.  But, yesterday, we had 2-3 inches of heavy rain.  Added to what we had earlier, it means widespread flooding kind of like what we saw during Ivan back in September. 
On Saturday night, Jill and I were just about ready to sit down with some wine and watch a movie, when the phone rang.  It was the ND calling to ask me to come in to help with flood coverage (this was also the day the Pope died).  So I go in.  I had just walked into the newsroom, didn't even have my coat off yet, when Rachel says, "You're taking over the 11." And the ND says, "Can Rachel have your socks?"  She was going out to do a live shot from a part of Scranton that always seems to flood, and she hadn't worn socks.  So, I gave her mine.
Like I said, what a week!  This week, I suppose we can look forward to post-flood stories, more Pope stuff (the Pope will be good til almost the end of the month, I think, by the time he's buried and they've elected a new pope), and, of course, the royal wedding on Friday.

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