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I'm Back!

Sorry.  It's been two-weeks since my last entry.  I've been busy, plus it's been depressing talking about death for weeks on the news.  I needed a break.
Last weekend was the POL Expo.  They had it in an empty department store at the Columbia Mall.  It went well, I think.  There was plenty of room for people to walk around, and there never seemed to be a crush of people waiting to buy stuff.  I worked at the Expo both Saturday and Sunday, so add in the hours I went in for the flood, and I get a comp day.  I'll take it next week.
Yesterday, I went out and raked the yard.  There were a lot of dead leaves left over from the fall.  I think this year, I'll have to do a better job of keeping up.  There's a lot of muddy patches now.  I'm hoping the grass will come back.
Not too much else to report.  It's been kind of slow at work.  There's not even any good gossip going around.  There's always this week! 

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