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What was I Thinking?

No, seriously, what was I thinking?  I seem to recall having a thought about something that I'm sure would have made for a fascinating entry.  But, after a few hours of sleep, I seem to have forgotten it.  All I can remember is that it seemed like a good idea.  Oh, well.  I'm sure it will come to me.  Probably as I'm writing the car crash du jour.
Since I'm here, I might as well tell you about another "what was I thinking" episode.  I got it into my head to earn a few extra bucks, and happened to come across an ad for a part-time technical writer.  Turns out it's for a company in Texas that puts out material to help people study for tests; i.e. flashcards for adults. 
Well, first they wanted to know my personality type by having me take some kind of ultra-condensed version of the MBTI.  It only took 5 minutes to confirm what I found out by completing the full-blown MBTI a few years ago.  ISTJ.  I could have told him that.
Anyway, after my personality was deemed acceptable, I was given a little test:  Make up 5 flashcards (question on one side, info on the other) pertaining to "Water rights as they relate to real estate transactions."  Let's say that I now know more about water rights than I ever dreamed of knowing.
Long story short, it took me about six-hours over three-days to finish that assignment.  I guess it was OK, because yesterday, he asked me to do a real assignment.  This time, the topic is some sort of exam for Certified Health Education Specialists.  And, here's the best part.  He wants about 100 flash cards a week, for a total of 300-500 cards. 
My first reaction was what the hell is a Certified health Education Specialist and why do I care?  My second reaction was when the hell am I going to have time to do all this and still manage to do other things like eat, sleep, and, oh yeah, my REAL job?!?
I've sent the guy an email saying all that (in much more PC language, of course).  So, now I just have to wait to see what he says.  I'm kind of hoping he says let's call the whole thing off.  Stay tuned.

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