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Day Two of vacation and, so far, I am pretty much on schedule.

  • Clothes to the dry cleaners.  Check
  • Laundry finished.  Check.
  • Ironing finished.  Check.
  • Joined a gym.  Check.
  • Worked out. (scheduled for Monday)
  • Watched softball.  Check.
  • Cleaning finished.  Check.
  • Restocked wine supply.  Check.
  • Painted the back steps. (I've bought the paint and the brush. Actual painting scheduled for Monday)

Damn, I've been busy!

In a few moments, I plan to take advantage of the recent rain and go pull some weeds while the ground is kind of loose.  Of course, they're not the kind of "weed" that's being referred to in this classic bit from Chris Rock.  ***Warning.  The content may be considered objectionable by some viewers.***

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