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Here's a look at how the US presidential race is playing in the UK.  The Dems are getting most of the attention.

These are four recent page ones from THE INDEPENDENT:

3 January 2008                                                   5 January 2008

7 January 2008                                                  9 January 2008

Here is a cartoon from THE GUARDIAN:

If you follow THIS link, you will see Arnie Arnesen, a "progressive" talk radio host in New Hampshire, trying to explain to the good people of Britain just how the hell Hillary managed to defeat Obama in the primary.

And, HERE'S something from the Times of London, to represent the more conservative view.

So, here's what I see.  I see the Brits chomping at the bit to get rid of Bush.  I see they're not ignoring the Republicans, but they seem to be banking on the Democrats.  I see them jumping onto the Barack bandwagon.  I see a picture of Hillary that makes her seem like she's  - OMG!! - simply astonished while the pictures of the male candidates look much more - shall we say - politically correct.  And, I see that the Brits are just as interested in easy weight loss as we Yanks.

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