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Thanks for Nothing!

The other day, I went to a certain store to look for a certain item.  From past experience, I know that this item is not actually carried in many stores - it's easily available online, however - but, I thought that if any store might carry it, this would be the one.

So, I go in and wander around for a while, stopping occasionally to wait for people to move their shopping carts out of the aisle so I could pass.  I found another item that I needed, but the certain item that I had hoped to find could not actually be found.

Did I miss it?  I didn't think so, but I also didn't have my glasses on.  So, to make sure I didn't overlook the item, I broke down and asked one of the store employees.  Just as she was about to answer, a manager-type came by and the following conversation ensued:

Me:  Do you carry (name of item here.  Actually, more of a description since I don't know if the item has as actual "name")?  I looked all around the store, but didn't see any.
Manager, in a cheerful manner:  No.  Everybody's always asking for them, but we don't have them.
Me, in a cheerful but sarcastic manner:  Well, if everybody's always asking for them, maybe it would be a good idea to carry them. 

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