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After another week of network television sweeps, the death toll stands as follows:

Lost:  2  - Ana Lucia last week; Libby hung on for another week, but Sawyer gave up some of his heroin so Jack could put her out of her misery.

Alias: 3 - Fake Sydney got killed by Real Sydney just as Fake Sydney was about to kill Real Vaughn; last week, we said good-bye to Nadia and Renee.

CSI:  1? - We'll have to wait til the season finale to find out what Brass is made of.

ER:  1 - Gallant got killed in Iraq; watch for more life-thretening drama in next week's season finale.

Crossing Jordan: 1 - JD got murdered.

Bird Flu: Fatal Contact:  25,958,301 and counting (well, they DID say that millions would die!)

Survivor: Exile Island:  0; Bruce had a close call, but he survived and so has everyone else.

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