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Slow Week

The past few days have been rather uneventful.  Nary a presidential candidate in sight (though Bill will reportedly be at tomorrow's St. Patrick's parade in Girardville) and not much real news to speak of.  I took advantage of the lull to finally read a 375 page novel that I'd started twice before.  This time, I read it in about eight days.  Just call me Evelyn Wood, considering that it took me about two months to finish a 180 page book.

In my quest for some decent radio around here, I've started listening to the alternative stylings of VMFM, the radio station at Marywood University.  I listened to that station when I lived here the first time.  Now, I'm giving them another go.  Surprisingly, the reception isn't horrible down here in Kingston, and it improves the closer I get to work.

I also check out 92.1 the Q once in a while.  I think that's where I heard this song sometime this week.  It seems to suit.  I'm not sure why the lip sync is off here, but it was either this version or one with a montage of clips from Gossip Girl and One Tree Hill or a rather creepy video featuring "the sims."

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