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Seems Like Old Times

Went to a party yesterday.  The featured guests were current and former employees of WNEP-TV.  I saw a lot of familiar faces from my first go-round at the station - Sue, Susie, Brian, Dave, John, Mary, John, Stacey, Corey, Jane, Christina, Chris, Fred, Drew.  Some are still in TV, some have moved on to other things.  Some look pretty much the same; others have a few more pounds and a few more gray hairs.  But, it was good to catch up with everybody and remember things like "I tought it was tunder!"   Even the former Asst. N.D. was there.  So was Peggy from Kelly's.  She brought wings!  Mmmmmm!
The new/former EP starts on Monday.  The new Asst. ND will be off for most of the week, so the EP and I will be pretty busy.  Then, if all goes well, I'll be off the following week, and then start doing the 11 again when I come back.  All I want now is a a schedule that doesn't change for at least a year!

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