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Oh No, It's O.J.

So, you're coasting along at the end of what has been a fairly uneventful summer news-wise, when all of a sudden - BOOM! - there's O.J.  In a story that can make you shake your head in about ten different directions, Simpson now faces the prospect of finally doing some serious jail time.

My thoughts about the case are this:  First of all, from what I can see, everyone involved in this case is shady - from O.J. to his alleged accomplices to his alleged victims.  Shady, shady, shady.  By my count, we have, so far, four suspects under arrest, two suspects on the loose, three victims and about 20 different versions of what happened.  The stories here seem to change by the hour.

Secondly, what are any of these people, shady or not, doing with O.J.?   Just because you're shady, doesn't mean that you're stupid.  Except, maybe, in this case.

Third, O.J. needs to STFU.  He did not help his case any by blabbing to the media that he was running his own "sting" operation.

Fourth, while the 10 felony charges he currently faces make this out to be a "very serious crime," I get the feeling that police and prosecutors filed every charge they could think of in an attempt to see what sticks.  And also to keep O.J. from fleeing - because no one wants to see that again.  I mean, Ford doesn't even make Broncos anymore, do they??

Fifth, can the Goldman family just stay out of it?  You proved your point in civil court, which needed to be done.  Now, it's time to move on.

And, sixth, won't it be ironic if THIS is the thing that finally sends O.J. to prison?  

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