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Mo' Mummies

Since I appear to have some blogging energy units today (must be all that coffee I drank this afternoon), here's an update on the MUMMIES IN BRADFORD COUNTY.

When last we left, the mummified remains of two bodies had been found in early June in the home of an elderly woman who lives near Wyalusing. Further investigation revealed that the remains were those of the woman's husband, who died in 1999, and the woman's twin sister, who died in 2009. It seems that, soon after each of their deaths, the elderly woman enlisted someone or someones to dig up the bodies from their graves and bring the remains to her home.

Case workers who had gone to the home to check on Stevens, which is when she first admitted the presence of the mummified bodies, said that Stevens seemed fine and in complete possession of her mental faculties.

In early July, as the official investigation continued, Stevens talked with a reporter from the Associated Press. You can read the article HERE. In short, Stevens said that she had the bodies dug up because death is hard for her to take. She also said that she sprayed the remains of her dead twin sister with perfume and spoke with her frequently.

(As an aside, I should point out that my TV station - and others in the area - first covered the story in early June when state police sent out a news release to say that mummified remains had been found in the home. I will pinky swear that people at the network were soon made aware of this story through the course of daily telephone contact. Yet, the network and its affiliates expressed almost no interest in the story until early July, when the AP article appeared. Suddenly, stations in Philadelphia and everywhere else were clamoring for video that we shot three weeks earlier! Just sayin'.)

Following the publication of this article, my station attempted to speak with Stevens. She refused, telling us that she had been "tricked" by the AP reporter into doing the interview. Stevens POSED FOR PICTURES for the AP photographer, so I'm not exactly sure just who she thought she was speaking to at the time. Anyway ...

The latest on the investigation is this. Authorities apparently have a pretty good idea of who actually dug up the bodies but, as of now, no names have been revealed and no charges have been filed. No charges have been filed against Stevens so far, either. And, there's no word on when investigators will wrap up the case of the mummified remains.

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