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Make a Wish

Jessica Hardy will no doubt be doing a lot of wishing during the next few years - as in wishing she could get out of prison!  On Tuesday, the judge put the smackdown on Hardy:  3 to 6 in the state pen.

You may recall from PREVIOUS ENTRIES that Jessica Hardy once earned my vote for "Worst Person in the World."  For several years, she ran the Northeast PA chapter of the Make A Wish Foundation.  The organization raises money so that seriously ill children can have a wish come true, say a trip to Disney World or something.

Well, it seems Jessica wasn't content to help make these children's wishes come true.  No, she wanted to make some of her own wishes come true.  She wished for a hot tub, big TV's, her own trip to the Magic Kingdom.  And, how did she make these wishes come true?  Jessica Hardy invented sick children.  She made them up.  Some 20 kids over a period of about nine years.  Then, when kind-hearted organizations or people would, in good faith, make donations to help out these made-up kids, Jessica took the money and fulfilled her own wishes.

In late 2005, county detectives spent several hours hauling stuff out of Hardy's house.  The picture of them taking out the hot tub?  Priceless!

So, the woman who lived a fantasy life by creating imaginary sick children, now has to face reality. Clicking her heels together three times won't help her get out of this mess.

I, for one, love it.  

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