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Killer Windows

I usually keep the shades pulled down on the large windows in my living room and dining room.  In the dining room, it's to keep the sunlight from fading the material on the chairs.  In the living room, it's to keep the glare off the TV.

But, it turns out that keeping the shades drawn may also save lives.

Consider this afternoon.  I was trimming the grass in the front yard, and I noticed a bird - a wren, maybe - by one of the shrubs.  It was dead (the bird, not the shrub).  The shrub just happens to be just below the front window.  You know, the new, triple-paned, krypton gas-filled window. And, I think the poor bird was its victim.

I suspect that the bird hit the window the other day when, for some reason or other, I actually had the shade raised.  I don't remember why the shade was up, but I do remember hearing a "thunk."  My guess is that the bird tried to fly right into the living room, but the triple-paned, krypton gas-filled window got in the way. 

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