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Just Like Starting Over

It hasn't really been six-weeks since my last blog entry, although you wouldn't know it by looking at the dates.  For some reason, everything I did with the website from December 5, 2004 though January 18, 2005 suddenly disappeared.  I returned home last night to find that this site had inexplicably reverted to a much earlier version.
I will try to catch you up on what you missed:
- Broken toilet (now fixed)
- Frozen water pipes (then unfrozen, frozen, unfrozen, and currently frozen again)
- A pull in the new carpet in my office (not my fault and not fixed yet)
- Googled myself and ran across several other Jennifer Wades. The most interesting is a grad student in San Francisco, but she grew up in Massachusetts and has relatives in PA.  I'm wondering if we're related.  I'm thinking no, but I might email her and ask.
I think that covers the highlights.  Now begins the task of recreating what I had created before.  Wish me luck. 

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