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Here's the situation.  At work, there are not enough desks to go around.  Not everyone in the news department can have their own personal desk.  Some of us, me included, have to share.  I share my desk with someone who works the morning shift.  It makes sense because we're hardly ever in the newsroom at the same time.  My/our desk is also in what's known as the producer quad, so it's a popular place for whoever happens to be filling in for me or my deskmate.

Now, I make a daily  effort to keep the work area clean.  If I spill something, I wipe it up.  I keep a stash of wipes handy so I can clean up ink marks and coffee rings, even if I'm not the one who left them there.  I understand how those things can happen. 

What I don't understand is why I also have to (yes, I HAVE to.  It's a compulsion) clean fingerprints and various elongated smudge marks off of the computer screen.  It's not a touch-screen, so why are people touching it?!?  What is that about?  If you must touch the screen in order to point something out, wouldn't a nice plastic cap at the end of a pen do just as well as a greasy fingertip?  Touching the screen with your finger doesn't make what appears on the screen any more real.  It just makes the screen more dirty.

So, go ahead.  Sit at the desk.   Leave a coffee ring or two.  But, please, don't touch the screen!


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