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It's All Relative

No one can ever accuse my family of being "close".  The last time I can remember seeing everyone is about five-years ago, when my sister got married.  We all showed up in Knoxville for the wedding.  At least, I think all three of my cousins were there with their families.  Maybe there was one who couldn't make it because her husband's in the Coast Guard.  I don't quite remember.

Anyway, I bring it up because someone named "Aunt Claudia" died.  My mother mentioned it in a phone call this morning, right after she said I should come home for dinner on new year's eve.  She must have died a few days ago because Dad is at the funeral today.  

I'd heard of Aunt Claudia.  Over the years, her name came up in conversations and we received annual Christmas cards.  If I recall, she had that kind of spidery handwriting that seems so common among old folks.  I may have even met her once a looooong time ago.  I think she was a sister of my grandfather (my dad's dad), but I wouldn't swear to that.

Aunt Claudia, I wish I could say I knew ye well.  But, alas, no.

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