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It's a Guy Thing

What is it about guys and movie lines?  Just about every guy I know can quote - exactly - multiple lines from multiple movies.  Sometimes, they can quote a whole scene!  I've known girls/women who can do it, too.  But, mostly, it seems to be a guy thing.  And, what makes it worse, is that they usually quote lines from movies that I haven't seen and wouldn't rent of my own free will. 

I listen to ESPN radio a lot, mostly while I'm drving too and from work.  On Thursday night, the hosts of whatever show I was listening to started quoting lines from Eddie Murphy in "Coming to America."  Friday night, it was Chevy Chase in "Fletch Lives."  The guys mentioned that pretty much no one saw "Fletch Lives," but I guess it had at least one quote-worthy line going for it.

I just don't get it.  I can recognize good writing and I appreciate clever phrasing.  On many occasions, I've heard a good line and said to myself I need to remember that.  And, then, I forget it.  At this point, I think I've actually managed to remember two lines.  One is from "Dolores Claiborne," where Kathy Bates says, "Sometimes, being a bitch is all a woman has to fall back on" (or something like that).  The other is from "Code 46," where one character says, "If everyone's children are so special, where do all the ordinary adults come from?" (or something like that). 

See, I'm not even sure if the quotes I memorized are actual quotes!  However, I can tell you that the movie "Get Shorty" is structured like a corkscrew.  I can remember telling a former co-worker who hated the movie "The English Patient" that it was really well done because the whole thing was about how things were not really as they seemed.  I admire Quentin Tarantino's work because he brings stories and characters full-circle.  I can remember scenes, and what characters did in those scenes.  Just don't ask me what they said.

Guys, can you help me out with that?

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