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I'm Here to Help

At least that's what I'm told.  Which is why I try to have patience (and it's not always easy) when the phone rings at work and the following (as best as I can remember) conversation, which actually happened earlier tonight, ensues:

ME:  Hello.  May I help you?

CALLER (sounds like an older woman):  I have a problem with your program.  I called the phone number (she recites a number for the station), and I'm looking in the newspaper at the listing for your channel, but something's not right with the program that you're showing.

ME:  Just what program are you talking about?

CALLER:  Jeopardy!

ME:  That's because it's on another channel, Ma'am.  It's always been on that other channel.

CALLER:  Oh.  I don't know where that is.  How would I get that?

(Fast forward through a couple more questions, during which I ascertain where she lives and what cable system she has)

ME:  Why don't you try channel 3?

(A loud BEEEP sounds in my ear.)

ME (yes, I really said this):  Ma'am, I think you just pressed a button on the phone.  If you want to change the channel, you have to use the remote control for the television.  Try pressing zero-three.

CALLER:  Oh!  There it is!  Thank you!

ME:  You're welcome.

Consider that my good deed for the day.  I think I deserve some good karma for that one.   

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