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Here Comes Obama

Later today, Barack Obama will pay his first visit to NEPA.  He's scheduled to arrive this afternoon, tape some kind of MTV special at Whistle's in Scranton, then make a dinnertime speech to the
Society of Irish Women at the Radisson.

Both of those events are private, so we shouldn't see the throngs of people like we saw last week for Hillary's visits.  However, Obama will apparently inconvenience just about everyone who paid good money for a ticket to tonight's dinner (read the article HERE).  As they pointed out yesterday on CNN, so far in the campaign for PA, Hillary's the one who seems more like the rock star.

I should also mention that yesterday I received my first campaign-related phone call.  It was some woman calling on behalf of Hillary.  I promptly hung up the phone, and will do the same if anyone from Obama's camp calls.  Now that his campaign office is open in WB, that call could happen anytime over the next couple of weeks.  My guess is that they're going after independents, maybe trying to get them to register as Democrats before the primary.  Thanks, but no thanks.  

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