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Going to Church

No, it's not what you think.

I checked out THE INDEPENDENT this morning, and came across THIS.  It seems the newspaper recently had some sort of contest in which people were asked to identify 28 of Britain's cathedrals.  As a prize, the winners received a book of poetry from a poet that I never heard of.

Anyway, during my year abroad at Leeds, I visited quite a few cathedrals - mostly because, unlike castles, there was no admission charge.  It turns out that of the 28 cathedrals pictured in the contest, I'd only been inside one of them:  Exeter Cathedral.  Mostly what I remember is that the weather that day was cold and rainy.

I shall try to make use of the scanner on my new printer/scanner/copier to show you the picture from Exeter and some pictures from a couple other cathedrals.

Front of Exeter Cathedral  4/87 

Canterbury Cathedral  3/87

Salisbury Cathedral  3/87

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