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From Worst to Worser?

Earlier this year, a woman named Jessica Hardy got my vote for "Worst Person in the World."  In THIS entry, I wrote about her 3-6 year prison sentence for ripping off the Make A Wish Foundation by making up sick children.  Yes, this woman invented sick children and used donations meant for them to fill her home with a hot tub and big TVs.

Well, now, it seems our Jessica has some competition in the form of a suspect named Raymond L. Clayton Sr.

Photo from WNEP.COM

Clayton is the pastor of a church in the Mount Carmel area of Northumberland County.  According to police, the not-so-good reverend stole the identity of the 82-year-old church secretary and proceeded to rack up almost $30,000 in credit card charges in her name.  Police believe there may be other victims.

Maybe it's just me, but identity theft doesn't seem like a very Christian thing to do.  In fact, I think his alleged crimes are worse than Hardy's.

What say you? 

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