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Halloween is almost here and that means the end of one Death Pool season and the start of another.

This past season was pretty good for me, Lady Macbeth. Three people on my list are no longer eligible to be on my list - Mark "Deep Throat" Felt, Ted Kennedy and Patrick Swayze. By no means will I win the pool, but to have three scores is pretty good for me. Usually, I have one or none.

Anyway, now that it seems I'm on something of a roll, the people on the new list (which includes a lot of holdovers from the previous list) better watch out.

20. Billy Graham
19. Nancy Reagan
18. Betty Ford
17. Kirk Douglas
16. Fidel Castro
15. Ariel Sharon
14. Kim Jong Il
13. Jerry Lewis
12. Louis Farrakhan
11. Stephen Hawking
10. George H.W. Bush
9. Ernest Borgnine
8. Olivia De Havilland
7. Eli Wallach
6. Abe Vigoda
5. Mickey Rooney
4. Robert Byrd
3. Phyllis Diller
2. John Wooden
1. Rod Blagojevich

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