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Can I Sleep in 2006?

If I were absolutely sure there is a god, I would thank him/her/it that this week is over!  Not only did I work 6 straight days (including Christmas - for a total of 11 of the last 12), but they were LONG days.  We had a lot of people off and a lot of problems with live shots, especially for the 7pm newscast. 

The first few days of the new year also promise to be long.  ABC is showing bowl games Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday.  Monday won't be too bad, but Tuesday and Wednesday, we probably won't go on until about midnight.  At least I'll be off Thursday, Friday and the weekend.  Of course, I already have intentions of using those days to start work on my tech writing project.  In case you missed the entries in the blog on the other website, the job is 300-500 flash cards about becoming a Certified Health Education Specialist.  Sounds fun.

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