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Bad Barney! Bad!

Seems the first dog, Barney, is not too happy about the prospects of giving up his luxury digs in the White House.  This showed up on the AP news wire:

WASHINGTON (AP) - The lame duck first dog has gone rogue, biting
a White House reporter who'd just reached down to pet him.
      There was no hostile question, Barney apparently was just in no
mood for attention from the press corps at took it out on Jon
Dekker of Reuters.
      The episode was captured on video by another reporter and has
wound up on YouTube. It ends up with a freeze frame of the Scottish
terrier's fangs.
      First lady Laura Bush says it may have been Barney's way of
saying "he was done with the paparazzi."
      The reporter was promptly bandaged by a White House doctor and
says he may be on antibiotics for a few days.

You can watch the video HERE.  Make sure you watch all the way to the end!

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