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A Slow Start

Well, here we are.  Day One of my stretch of 10 days off from work.  As you might imagine, I have big plans - BIG PLANS - for these days.  And, if you are, in fact, imagining that, then you have a very active imagination.

In truth, my plans for today and the other nine days are extremely mundane.  they're hardly worth writing about.  But, I won't let that stop me.

Even as we speak, the first big event is already in progress.  There is a load of towels in the washing machine.  Yes, and, in a half-hour or so, the towels will be in the dryer and there will be a load of sheets in the washer.  I know.  Too much fun.  But, I didn't feel like I could just start cold by carting an armload of slacks and sweaters to the dry cleaner.  No, best to ease into these things gradually.

Here's what else is on my list:

  • Buy wine
  • Join a gym
  • Actually work out at the gym
  • More than once
  • Paint the wooden steps by the back door

But wait!  there's more!

  • Mow the lawn
  • Weed the flower beds
  • Watch softball on TV
  • Watch softball in person
  • Pick up dry cleaning

I'm exhausted just thinking about it.  Better have some lunch first before I get started.

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