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A Hard Day's Night

Looks like it'll be a long night tonight.  Game 7 of the NBA finals between two teams that no one (at least not in this market) cares about.  Maybe because it's game 7 it'll generate some interest.  However, til they get done with the game and the post-game, I doubt many people will stick around to watch the news since we probably won't go on until about 12:30am.
This past Tuesday was another long day.  The head of the NYT Broadcast Group was in town to kick-off the mapping process.  It started with a 10am staff meeting.  When the memo about the meeting came out, it read like an invitation - a "stop by if you can" kind of thing.  Well, apparently, in NYT lingo, that means "Be there!"  I was actually planning to go anyway to pick up some brownie points, but the ND came around on Monday and told people on the night crew to show up.
So, I got there by 10 and just stayed.  And, of course, Tuesday night was game 6 of the NBA playoffs, so I didn't get out of there til almost 1:00 am.  I took advantage of the extra time to get some sort of start on this drug special.  Since it's scheduled to air in September, I want to focus on drugs in schools.  I think I can get 30 minutes out of that.
Jill stopped by the house on Tuesday evening to let out KT.  Jill said that, as she was leaving. my neighbor from across the street approached her and said, "You're not Jennifer!"  Good to know they're looking out for me, I guess.
Yesterday, the ND had all of us producers in his office.  He told us he plans to replace Steph as EP, but isn't sure when he'll be able to post the job.  He made it sound as though there would be some sort of rotating system of EPs.  But then, he asked me to stay and pretty much told me that he wants to make me "acting" EP in the interim.  So, I don't know what it all means except that I'll probably be going back to dayshift for a while.  He brought up the possibility of eventually having a dayside and a nightside EP, but the nightside EP would still have to do the 11.  I said I didn't think that would work for me.  I learned in Harrisburg that I can't be an indian AND a chief because I end up being mostly an indian when I need to be mostly a chief.  Doesn't work.
So, we'll see.  If I can be effective in the "acting" EP role, my chances of getting the permanent gig are probably pretty strong.  Dennis feels that bringing in an EP from the outside probably would not be the best choice - and I think he's right. It hasn't worked well in the past.  So, starting in July, I'll have to brush off my manager's hat.  The clothes go to the dry cleaner today!

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