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You're Excused

Remember my first experience with jury duty?  No?  Well, it was just last year.  I wrote about it HERE and HERE.  Despite my not actually getting picked to serve on a jury, the powers that be must have been pleased with my service.  I know this because they just called me for jury duty again!

Yes.  It took more than 40 years for me to be called the first time.  But, now that I have been called, it seems I will keep being called.  This latest missive arrived in the mail last week and requested my presence at ye olde courthouse at the beginning of the final week in October.

As much as I enjoyed my first experience with jury duty, and as much as I wouldn't mind doing it again, the last week in October really doesn't work for me.  Besides, my three year grace period isn't exactly up.

So, call me again when you have a stronger case.  Now, excu-u-u-u-u-se me!

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