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In the previous post, I expressed concern about the apparent direction of the upcoming "Miami Vice" movie.  Based on one clip, I thought it looked different, a deviation, if you will, from the original TV show.

Since then, I've read an article and seen a news story which basically reinforced that perception.  They also made the point that being different from the TV show IS the point.

I gather that writer/director Michael Mann, who was the executive producer of the TV show, is using the movie to fulfill his vision of what Miami Vice should be.  The movie promises to be darker and more dangerous than the original.  I guess I will have to put my prejudices aside and judge the movie as a unique entity, rather than as a continuation or as a remake.  Same name, different game.

Perhaps it's good that now I at least know basically what to expect.  I recall when "Batman Returns" (the one with Catwoman and the Penguin) first came out.  There were all kinds of promotional tie-ins, toys at McDonald's and other such stuff, that really made it seem as though this was a movie aimed at kids.  When I went to the theater, that's what I expected to see.  But, that's not what I saw.  Not by a long shot.  Once I saw what the film was really like, I could watch it again and truly appreciate it.

So, when I go see "Miami Vice," at least I'll know what I'm in for.

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