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Where's the Hype?

Is it just me?  Am I missing something?  Two days before Super Bowl 41 and you know what?  I'm not feeling it.  What I am feeling is that Sunday will be just another Sunday and there will be a football game on TV.  Also, it will be cold.  And, we might have a little bit of snow.  That's about it.  Colts?  Bears?  Who cares - unless you happen to live in those particular areas.

My station, as of this writing, has not done the usual "let's see who's rushing out to buy/rent big screen TVs for the game" story.  And, quite frankly, I don't know that anyone in this area is doing that.  Even the usual hype over the Super Bowl commercials seems to be downgraded.  The Doritos "do it yourself" ads seem to be getting the most buzz, but most of the other commercials I've seen?  Not impressed.

 On Super Bowl Sunday, I will be prepared to be underwhelmed.

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