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What's a girl to watch until season two of "DEXTER" starts on September 30, 10 long weeks from now?  Well, I have managed to find a few interesting things.

I've been watching "TRAVELER" on ABC.  One of the stars, Matthew Bomer, used to be on "Guiding Light," the soap that I used to watch.  On "Traveler," he and another guy play friends on the run from the feds.  A third friend, Will Traveler, seems to be some sort of secret agent or something, and he framed the other two for blowing up a museum in New York.  It's been on for about a month now (4 episodes), and starting August 1, ABC will be showing more episodes of "The Nine."  So, "Traveler" may only have two more weeks to go.  Assuming they wrap up the current storyline in that time, I don't know where the show will go after that, unless the focus changes to Traveler instead of his two friends.

Most of the shows I'm watching this summer are on USA.  The new season of "THE 4400" started last month.  The premise is that, over the years, 4400 people were abducted by humans who live in the far distant future.  The 4400 were given special abilities then returned en masse so they could use those abilities to save mankind.  Of course, not everyone, especially the government, is convinced that the 4400 are benevolent.  Last season, we learned that the 4400 have a chemical called promicin which gives them their abilities.  This season, promicin is more widely available so even people who weren't abducted can take a shot of promicin and possibly develop an ability.

Also on USA, "PSYCH" is back for a second season.  James Roday is Shawn Spencer, a slacker who uses his powers of observation to pass himself off as a psychic, solving cases for the police along the way.  Corbin Bernsen is his ex-cop dad who trained Shawn to pay attention to details.  "Psych" is clever and hilarious, especially the out-takes at the end.

USA has another interesting show, a new one called "BURN NOTICE."  Jeffrey Donovan plays a spy who suddenly finds out that his services are no longer required.  He ends up back home in Miami, working as a PI for rent money or pocket change.  Sharon Gless is his chain-smoking mom, Bruce Campbell and Gabrielle Anwar are his friends, who also have lots of spy tricks up their sleeves.

And, I got sucked in to "MEADOWLANDS" on Showtime.  Meadowlands is a private community somewhere in Britain.  The hook is that everyone who lives there is in witness protection.  Character backgrounds are revealed little by little, often in flashbacks.  I'm not totally sold on "Meadowlands," but I'm not quite ready to give up on it, either.  As far as you know.     

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