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What's Goin' On?

The answer is, not much.  All things considered, it's been a pretty slow news week.  A couple big stories, but not a lot.

Yesterday, there was nothing on the night list - that's the list of possible stories for the night crew to cover.  Sometimes, when we say that there's "nothing on the night list," we mean that there is nothing on the list that's interesting or worth covering.  But, yesterday, there was literally nothing on the list.  That's nothing as in there was no list.

One of the more interesting stories of yesterday was the rape suspect who surrendered to police after more than three weeks on the run.  Turns out, he wasn't really on the run.  He was hiding in some sort of cave in the woods around Dunmore.  I didn't even know there were caves there, but I get the impression that it wasn't much of a cave.  Anyway, the guy was wearing the same clothes he had on the night of the alleged rape, but he wasn't wearing any shoes.  What happened, I heard, is that after a few weeks in his "cave," he got sick of roughing it, walked to a convenience store, called the police and told them to come get him.  He should do well in jail.  At least he'll get a shower and a change of clothes.

Another big story was the tornado that hit part of Lycoming County Tuesday night.  When the experts looked at the damage yesterday (mostly trees down and some roof damage), they said that it was done by an EF-0 tornado, the weakest tornado on the brand spankin' new ENHANCED FUJITA SCALE.  There was also some straight-line wind damage.

What struck me was that the graphics used by the TV stations in the market showed images of what would probably be at least an EF-4 tornado, more along the lines of the kind you see in the Midwest or in the movies!  Just an observation.     

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