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What Do I Win?

Did you hear the news?  Because I have a blog, I have been named Time Magazine's Person of the Year!  Totally unexpected, but much appreciated.  I never expected anything like this.  Of course, since this is my award, it figures that I have to share it with millions of other people who also have blogs.

See, here's the thing.  In what may be the lamest award ever (with the possible exception of those Medals of Freedom that GWB has been handing out - I can't wait 'til Rummy gets his), Time named "You" as its "Person of the Year."  HERE is an article about it.  In this case, "You" is you, me, and everyone else who has access to the Internet.  The magazine cover features a mirrored computer screen so that when you loook at the cover, you see You!  Isn't that clever.

At any rate, Time has decided that We, the denizens of the digital world, should be honored for the hours we spend writing these little blogs, or posting pictures on MySpace, or spreading the world's funniest videos via YouTube.  Because we can point, click, and maybe even type half-decently, We are the Person of the Year.

 I wonder who it will be next year?  Maybe one of those penguins from "Happy Feet?"  Give me a break. 

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