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Weathering the Storm

So, here's how my Tuesday went.

I took my dog to the groomer (I know, I know) in the morning.  I picked her up around noon, so I did not get to see the noon newscast.

I went in to work about an hour early in the afternoon because I THOUGHT we were going to have a staff meeting.  It wasn't a mandatory meeting, but I decided to go in anyway. ( I know, I know).

I arrived at the station at the same time as one of our night reporters.  I asked if she had come in early for the meeting or if she got called in.  She said the latter, which is not all that unusual.  But, seeing as I hadn't seen the noon newscast, I didn't know why she would have been called in.

As I approached the door, I saw another employee who said the staff meeting had been postponed because of widespread rain and flooding and no one had time for a meeting.  It was all starting to make sense now.

No sooner did I walk into the newsroom, then I was assigned to produce some storm coverage cut-ins, complete with video!  Seriously, I had barely set down my lunch bag and they were like, "The first cut-in is coming up in 20 minutes." 

Not a good day to miss the noon show.  I know, I know.

About 13-hours after my day started, it finally ended.  Now all we need is for the rain to end.

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