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Wait 'til Next Year

OK.  So, the Eagles didn't win the Super Bowl.  They lost 24-21.  But, they probably could have won if McNabb hadn't thrown 3 interceptions.  T.O. looked great, BTW.  If they can keep pretty much the same team together for next season, I think they can be back in the Super Bowl - and win!
Got called in to work early today to do the 7:00.  Toward the end of the shift, the ND called me in to his office to ask about some of the production people.  I think he's testing out my "managing up" skills, but, I still feel like it's ratting out people I have to work with.
He did, however, tell me that he posted the producer opening (wonder how much he had to beg corporate for that!) and that he already has a candidate in mind.  Sooo..I'm hoping that my tenure on the 5:00 won't be as long as first thought.  Two-weeks, maybe a month.  I'm keeping my fingers crossed!

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