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I'm off to the eye doctor in about an hour.  Time for a check-up.  It's been almost exactly one-year since I got my current glasses.  (Recall the doctor's words of wisdom when I asked under what circumstances I should wear them:  "When you want to see better," he said.)  I guess I must really want to see better because I seem to be wearing the glasses more and more.  Or maybe I'm just doing more things that go a lot better when I wear the glasses.

For example, the tech writing thing (up to about 45 total questions now.)  It's boring enough with the glasses.  It would be purely awful if I had to be bored while squinting at the computer screen.

A couple weeks ago, I guess I blacked out or something because I left for work without taking my purse.  And, since the purse is where I keep the glasses, I had to go glassesless.  Not good when your job primarily involves 10 hours of reading tiny little print off a computer screen.

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