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Vacation's Over

I think I'm ready to go back to work.  In the past four weeks, I've had two weeks off.  That's more than enough, especially when you consider that I didn't go anywhere.  My big trips were down to Lehighton on Tuesday to see a field hockey game and out to the Lycoming Mall on Friday for the station's "Adopt a Shelter" event.  Other than that, I really didn't do much this past week. 
A word about Adopt a Shelter.  Some of the evacuees from Katrina have ended up at a shelter in Memphis, where WNEP just happens to have a sister TV station.  So, on Friday and Saturday, we collected supplies (sheets, blankets, towels, personal care products), loaded them on to trucks, and sent them down there.  We asked for new stuff, but some people insisted on bringing used stuff or items that weren't on the list.  One woman even tried to donate prescription medication!  We took the used items and passed them on to Goodwill, but we had to draw the line at the medicine.

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