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So, how's this for Karma?  On the way into work, I got stuck in a backup on the interstate.  It was my own fault, really.  I saw the sign warning me of the construction work.  But, half the time those signs are wrong, and the backups caused by similar work in recent days haven't been too bad.  I opted for the interstate and got caught.

Anyway, as I approached the merge point, I decided to let a tractor trailer get in line ahead of me.  I crossed my fingers and hoped that my good deed might lead to some good fortune for me. 

Did it ever!  How does two extra weeks of vacation sound!?!

Here's the deal.  In my almost 20 years of working in this business, I've never had more than two weeks of paid vacation per year.  A couple times I was on the verge of getting a third week but, each time, I took another job and reset the counter to two.  When I began my second stint at WNEP, I asked if my first stint of seven years would count toward vacation.  The answer was no, because I had been gone for more than a year.  That was the New York Times corporate policy.

Well, the NYT is out and LocalTV is in and, as I (and at least one other person) learned yesterday, the rules have changed.  Now, our previous years of service DO count toward vacation.  So, my seven previous years plus the 4.5 on the second go-round make me eligible for four weeks of vaca!

Now all I have to do is decide what to do with all that time off!  Maybe this 1982 classic from the Go-Go's will inspire me!

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