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TV Junkies

The following story ran yesterday on the AP wire:

NEW YORK (AP) - Televisions have taken over the average American
      Nielsen Media Research says the average home in the U-S now has
more television sets than people to sit down and watch them.
      The researchers say there are now two-point-seven-three T-V sets
in the typical home, compared to just two-point-five-five people.
      Nielsen says half of American homes now have three or more T-Vs,
while only 19 percent have just one. In 1975, 57 percent of homes
had only a single set.
      Nielsen also says more people are watching more television, as
sets are turned on for more than eight hours a day in the average
      The average person watches for four hours and 35 minutes of
television each day.

***Questions:  1) Does it count as a TV if it doesn't work?  2)  Does an "hour" of TV include commercials, or can you legitimately cram more than one "hour" into an hour if you fast forward and/or skip them?

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