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Try to Keep Up

I keep getting these notices from the local Subaru dealer saying that it's time to take my 1999 Forester in for service.  A few months ago, the notice said something like, "Our records show that it's time to put new belts on your 1999 Forester."  Today's mailing began with, "Our records show that it's been some time since you had your 1999 Forester in for service."

No kidding.  That's probably because my records show that, four months ago, I traded in my 1999 Forester for a 2006 Forester.  My records also show that the transaction occurred at the aforementioned local Subaru dealer - after they sent me a letter saying that they wanted the 1999 model because they had some need for it.  Whatever.

Please make a note:  You wanted my 1999 Forester.  You got it.  Any service is now up to you. 

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