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Too Hot to Handle

On Monday, October 1, as the Padres played the Rockies for the final playoff spot in the National League, we Phillies fans in the newsroom were hoping - HOPING - that the Padres would win.  Because the Rockies were hot - HOT - and HOT is hard to beat.

Well, the Phillies found out just how hard, getting swept by the aforementioned Rockies 3-0.  The Phils, who averaged something like 6 runs a game in the regular season, could only muster 8 total runs during the short-lived series.  They struck out at an alarming rate, showed a lack of discipline at the plate, and mustered a team batting average that didn't get above the Mendoza line.  That's no way to win even if the team you're playing is NOT on a 17-1 roll or something ridiculous like that.

Maybe this is the Rockies' year.  I will not be at all surprised if they manage to sweep the Diamondbacks and make it to the World Series.  I may even root for them! 

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