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Today's Lesson

Sorry, for the lack of updates but, really, not much has changed in the past week.  OK, the shuttle arrived safely, so that's over.  But, the trapped miners are still trapped, the Cordaro ballot status will be in limbo for at least another few weeks due to yet another legal challenge, and the woman who had the baby behind bars is now being accused (by another inmate) of actually plotting to give birth in a cell so she could sue the prison.  If you ask me, that's not really much of a master plan, but then again, I don't get a lot of the crap people do, so, who am I to say what's crazy and what's not?

However, speaking of things jail-related, the big story today is that Lindsay Lohan is going to jail.  No sooner was she charged with DUI and other misdemeanors for two recent incidents than her lawyer entered a plea of "no contest" on her behalf.  (I feel compelled to add that pleading "no contest" means you don't admit guilt, although you are sentenced as if you are guilty).  Once Lindsay gets out of rehab, she'll eventually have to spend one day in jail and then do 10 days of community service.

Based on what I've been reading, one thing that saved her from perhaps more jail time is that her crimes occurred in a relatively short span of time - one, if I recall, was around Memorial Day, the other in late July(?).  Anyway, because they were so close together, it's apparently being taken as a sign that she really REALLY needs help and, therefore, the court may have been a little on the lenient side.

So, what have we learned?

UPDATE at 2:30 a.m.   I've just learned that in the American legal system, 4 days in jail really means, like, an hour and a half.  Seriously.  Nicole Richie spent 82 minutes in jail today for her DUI-related sentence.  82 minutes!  If my math is correct, Lindsay Lohan may just have to step completely into the lobby of the jail and wave to the desk clerk.  Then, she's free to go.

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