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Time Standard

Daylight Saving Time starts tomorrow.  Make no mistake about it.  And, by "make no mistake about it" I mean:  Don't make the mistake of calling it "Daylight Savings Time."  Because you would be wrong.

On Friday, the people who provide news stories to ABC affiliates all over the country were wrong.  Almost.  Until I set them right.  Maybe.  Here's what happened.

When I got to work Friday afternoon, I began looking for stories to put in my evening newscast.  One offering from our network news service was a package (a story voiced by a reporter) about the potential for Y2K-like problems to arise when the clocks are turned ahead sooner than originally scheduled.  The package had not been completed, but the preliminary script made consistently incorrect references to "daylight savings time."

After some encouragement from a co-worker, I dashed off a quick email to someone at the news service to let them know that the correct terminology is "Daylight Saving Time."  I included THIS link to back up my point.

Well, a short while later, I received a reply.  In short, this person I contacted said that their managing editor had researched the issue, and found that both "saving" and "savings" were incorrect [I'm pretty sure the person meant to say that both are "correct"].  Furthermore, this person wrote, that since about 90% of people say "savings," that's what they would go with.

However, a couple hours after that, the completed package was sent to stations and, wouldn't you know it, the reporter said "Daylight Saving Time," and the script came with a note saying that "saving" is the correct form, but that, you know, a lot of people do say "savings."

What happened?  I don't know.  Maybe my email prompted the managing editor to do more "research," during which he/she undoubtedly found THIS website (from the government), or THIS one (which provides access to the actual laws that established Daylight Saving Time).  Or, maybe someone from another station also wrote in and convinced them of the error of their ways.   Or, maybe they realized that a lot of the video they were using in the story actually contained the words "Daylight Saving Time."  Or, maybe they realized that just because "a lot of people" say something, that doesn't make it right.

Whatever.  Vindicated.  I win!  Now, go forth and spring ahead!

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