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Tick Tock

Is it just me, or has this week seemed to go very slowly?  Maybe it's the post-vacation effect, but I don't think so.  I think the problem is a) that there's not much going on; and b) that what is going on, just goes on and on and on.

Example - that mine collapse in Utah.  It happened last week, while I was off.  Now, 11 days later, I'm back at work, and nothing much has changed at the mine - except that now three of the rescue workers have been killed and six others hurt.  At the rate things are going, who knows when - or if - they'll ever find the miners who are trapped.

Another example - the space shuttle.  The mission began last week and is still going.  For days, we waited and waited for NASA to make a decision - will they fix the damage that happened during lift off or won't they.  Tonight, they finally decided that immediate repairs aren't necessary, but there's still another spacewalk scheduled for Saturday.

A third example - the woman who had the baby at the Lackawanna County Prison.  The birth happened more than a month ago, and this week, the report from the prison board came out.  The conclusion:  Mistakes were made (Really?  Who would have guessed?), and they're the nurse's fault.  The inmate has already filed a lawsuit, so this story ain't over yet.

And, let's not forget the off-again, on-again ballot battle involving Lacka. Co. Commissioner Bob Cordaro.  Tonight he said he'd bow to the wishes of the party leaders and accept the very spot on the ballot that he gave up two weeks ago.  The end?  I doubt it.

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