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The Truth

The truth is that it's been a pretty slow week so far.  The weather's been decent, the presidential candidates have stayed away, and I'm back on the night desk for a while because there's just not a lot of election prep work to be done at the moment.  Truthfully, there's not that much to complain about.  That's no fun, is it?

Here's the little that has been going on.

Remember THIS entry from last week, in which I reviewed a performance of "Twelfth Night" by the National Players?  Well, one of those players, one CORY CUNNINGHAM to be exact, was apparently so taken by my insight into his over-the-top yet nuanced performance, that he excerpted part of my entry for his online resume.  He also lifted part of ANOTHER MONKEY'S critique.  Now, Cory doesn't mention us by name or provide links to either of our posts.  He simply lifted the quotes - without asking, I might add - and referenced each as coming from a "Blog Review."  Methinks that this is a mistake on Mr. Cunningham's part as the lack of proper attribution is not only impolite but could also lead a prospective employer to conclude that Cory is making up his own good reviews!  Just a thought.

On Monday, one of the station's viewers had a thought.  Apparently, he thought we might be making up a story and putting it on the air.  The following is an approximate recollection of my phone conversation with said viewer:

CALLER:  You just had a story about some wild dogs running loose in the Hughesville area (near Williamsport) and attacking people's pets.  Is that true?
ME:  Yes.  We don't make up stories.
CALLER:  I'm not accusing you of making up stories.  I just wondered if it was true.
ME:  Yes. (while wondering - and not for the first time - how some people manage to get through the day without a lot of help)

See?  I told you it's been a slow week.  Would I lie?

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