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The Games People Play

Sorry.  I know I've been keeping you in suspense for two whole days now about whether I went to Williamsport to play games on Saturday night.  Well, I did.

I got to Neil's house about 8:15.  Mercifully, the children's hour was just ending!

We ended up playing three games, none of which I had played before:

 - Wits & Wagers, where everyone guesses the answer to a question, then bets on which answer they think is closest to the actual one.  I came in last in that one.

 - Rome (I think), which is a chariot racing board game.  I came in second in that one.

 - Ingenious, where you lay tiles on a board and score points by matching the symbols on the tiles.  I almost won this one, but lost it on the fourth tie-breaker.

Of the three, I liked Ingenious the best, followed by Rome.  

Don't know if I'll go next month.  Another friend is talking about going hiking that weekend.  The date in question is still a month away, so, we'll see. 

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