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The End is in Sight

254 questions down, 46 (or maybe a few more) to go.  I just completed work on Section VI of the tech writing project.  One more section to go, and then maybe a few additions to things I overlooked in other sections.  Aaagh!  I cannot wait for this to be over.  My contact hasn't brought up the possibility of another project yet, and neither have I.  But, I don't think I want to do another one.  It's just too much.

One of the reasons it's too much is because of work.  Things just keep getting busier and busier.  This week, one of our producers (a woman) got fired and a director (a man) got suspended for a week.  The official reason was because of a "policy violation."  So that's what thery're calling it these days.  Anyway, it means Marisa is doing the 6 TFN, which means more work for me at night.

The big news yesterday was another firing, although this one didn't happen at my station.  The competition fired their news director Friday afternoon.  He happens to be the same guy who prompted me to leave NEPA several years ago when he was my boss.  Again, don't know the full story, but I could make several pretty good guesses.

Tonight, I'm going to Bloomsburg with Jill.  We're meeting Val at a Thai place we went to a couple years ago.  The owners are a little flaky, but the food is good - and I don't even particularly like Thai food!  We wanted Marisa to go, but she had other plans.

Oh, well.  My immediate plan is to make the bed and get as much cleaning done as I can.  then, I will pick up a Powerball ticket on the way to Jill's.  $365 million.  How sweet would that be!?!

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