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Take the Money and Run

Next time you withdraw money from an ATM, make sure you grab the cash ASAP.  If you wait too long, the police might get involved.

Case in point - this absolutely true story courtesy of a news release from a local State Police barracks.

On some recent date, it seems, a trooper was dispatched to one of the local slots parlors.  A woman reported that she had made a withdrawal from the casino's ATM, but never got her money.  She was by the machine, talking with a friend, and someone, she figured, must have come along and swiped the cash while she wasn't looking.

However, the investigation revealed that no theft had occurred.  What happened, it seems, is that the woman and her friend got to talking, and they talked so long that the money the woman withdrew from the ATM got sucked back into the machine because she waited too long to grab it!

Who knew that ATMs had a time limit?  I know i didn't.  But then, I never waited around long enough to find out.

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